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So I have a new blog now

I took a hiatus after the last deplatforming, since Florellegate caused me some problems that I needed to process.

Eventually, I realized (thanks, cacaogirl, for being the catalyst) what went wrong and why. The major rift in the manosphere is not so much between haves, have-a-littles, and have-nots (Chads, betabuxxes, and incels). It’s between rape advocates and everyone else.

I created a Nearcels site to try to bridge the gap between truecels and non-truecels. But that’s both unnecessary and futile. Really, what’s needed is a rapecels site, or simply a rape advocates, or misogyny site. Tom Grauer used to talk about “sexual radicals” but as was pointed out in a comment to the old blog, before my deplatforming from, sexual radicalism was just one side of the coin (kinda like how misogyny is just one side of the coin whose other side is philogyny). “Sexual radical” sounds like a pretty Jewish term, although my bliki was originally based around “sexual dissidents” which also sounds potentially like some sort of agitators. It’s hard to come up with good terminology sometimes; it’s a problem that has plagued the manosphere for awhile now, especially since the red pill era.

Terms like misogyny and patriarchy are a little ambiguous, but probably the more hardcore people will use such terms, given that feminists define themselves as the opposite. I do usually call myself a patriarchist, but I’ll accept “misogynist” sometimes because women kinda want a misogynist; someone who is willing to hate them enough when they do wrong to hurt them. Jim has a whole theory about the psychology of this, that if you don’t hurt them to expiate their sin, they’ll hurt themselves anyway, so you might as well be the one to do it.